Sophie (Alasken Orchid) Denmarella line Sophie (Alasken Orchid) Denmarella line Pheobe, Sophies mum oh dear not another photo 13333462 Sophie if i just creep past .......... 13333438 Sophies litter mates, all boys why wont they play with me 13333437 Sophie i hope the newspaper print doesnt get onto my bottom !! 13333445 Sophie 5 weeks please take me home with you 13333443 sophie weeks this is nice and safe 13333439 Sophie and Caitlin look at me 13333463 Sophie Sept 2003 its a lovely spot to snooze 13333461 Sophie just arrived at her new home oohh i like it here 13333444 Sophie and Caitlin my new playmate 13333435 Sophie and Madison this playmate is nice she is just my height 13333440 sophie again do you like this pose 13333436 Sophie 5 months i look so pretty in my xmas necklace 14193829 Sophie 7 months please can i ........ 14221887 Sophie 9 months can i play with my new friend 14237702 Sophie 11 months my feet are cold 14237703 Sophie 14 months hurry up and take my picture 14237693 Sophie age 7 years Im coming 105698363 Sophie 7 years with Kizzie 4 years (mum & Daughter) Do you like this pose... 105698364 Sophie 7 years are yopu going to stay there all day taking pictures :-) 105698365