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Kizzie's First Litter 2009

Photo by: Anthony Maidment

Photo by: Kirk Russell

We have now mated our Kizzie( Lady in Disguise) with Sam (Goldenabbey Telegram Sam at Evergolden) on October 4th 2009 if all goes well then kizzie will be due to whelp on 6th December 2009

Lady in Disguise(Kizzie) has a hip score of 5-6 (23rd Nov 2007)  clear eyes (5th May 2009  Mr.I.K. Mason, Seadown Vet, Hythe)

Goldenabbey Telegram Sam at Evergolden has a hip score of 4-4   clear eyes (2nd June 2009) N.J. Burden MRCVS, Hale Vet Group,Chippenham)

Lady in Disguise(Kizzie) at 50 days in whelp
All set for the big day
Lady in Disguise (Kizzie) the day before having the pups
First Pup (the only girl) at 5 minutes old
It's a boy! (so were all the rest)
The result of 12 hours hard labour
Pups at 4 days old
Pups at 4 days old
Pups at 4 days old

What a pair of lovely's.  The Pups are quite nice too !!

One week old today

Daily weigh in. one week old today

Daily weigh in. one week old today

Daily weigh in. one week old today

Daily weigh in. one week old today

Daily weigh in. one week old today
Pink Pup on Christmas day
Gold Pup on Christmas day
Blue Pup on Christmas day
Red Pup on Christmas day
Green Pup on Christmas day

Pink and Blue Pup on Christmas day

First solid food at 26 Days

Pink at 26 Days

Gold at 26 Days

Blue at 26 Days

Red at 26 Days

Green at 26 Days

Pink and Blue at 26 Days

Pink Pup at 5 weeks

Gold Pup at 5 weeks

Blue Pup at 5 weeks

Red Pup at 5 weeks

Green Pup at 5 weeks

Pink and Blue Pup at 5 weeks

Only room for two at a time now !

What's it like out there then?

PINK      GOLD      GREEN      BLUE    PINK/BLUE      RED

Miss Pink at 7 weeks

Mr Gold at 7 weeks

Mr Green at 7 weeks

Mr Green at 7 weeks. Its been such a busy day

Mr Blue at 7 weeks

Mr Red at 7 weeks

Mr Blue/Pink at 7 weeks

Miss Pink Posing

Mr Gold Posing

Mr Blue Posing

Mr Green Posing

Mr Red Posing

Mr Blue/Pink Posing

First Car Trip (To the Vets for a checkup)

Miss Pink
My Very first bath. Have to look good, am going to my new home today !

Just time for a quick nap before going to my new home.

One last cuddle for Miss Pink

Mr Reds Very First Bath

That was good fun

Goodbye Mr Red

Bath Time for Mr Blue

One Last Cuddle for Mr Blue

One Last run in the garden before going to my New Home

Goodbye Mr Blue

Bath time Mr Green

One last play before I go

One last cuddle from Auntie Louise

And one from Mum

Meet my New Family

Why am I getting a bath. Am I going somewhere nice?

One last play with Mum

And a crafty last drop of milk whilst no one is looking.

Goodbye Brother Gold

OK I'm ready to go now.

One last cuddle.

Goodbye Mr Blue/Pink. Please stay in touch.

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